KM’S Role In The Lawyer Lifecycle

Some great advice for those onboarding and managing KM staff, as well as anyone in a human resource management position.


By Adam Dedynski 

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The steady stream of new joiners and leavers at law firms has turned into a torrent. As we move into the next phase of living with Covid-19, plans for career reassessment that had been put on hold are being reactivated and there is a marked increase in activity in the employment market. This blog seeks to provide practical examples of ways KM teams can add value at each stage of the lawyer lifecycle from onboarding, through refresher sessions after career breaks and at exit from the business to mitigate knowledge loss.


When thinking about what your onboarding content or processes should be, you could focus on the KM team structure (who’s who and what the team does), or the services and technology the team is responsible for. When structuring your onboarding content, consider:

  • Timing. If there is a…

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