San Francisco: Forensic Examiner, Computer Technician

Legal Tech Jobs

Forensic Consulting Group seeks entry-level Digital Forensics Technicians to join a growing global organization providing a full suite of forensics consulting, information governance, eDiscovery and other legal services to law firms and corporations around the world


  • Work with electronic evidence
  • Identify, preserve, and analyze data from a variety of devices and locations including desktops, laptops, servers, tapes, mobile devices, email, and cloud services
  • Recover hidden or deleted user data, fragments, and temporary files
  • Generate high quality reports on findings as needed
  • Culling, keyword searching, and email/efile conversions
  • Candidates may expect work-related travel requirements and a varying work schedule


  • Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Forensics, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Information Technology, or Management of Information Systems
  • Knowledge of software including but not limited to FTK, EnCase, Cellebrite, Nuix
  • Proficiency with Linux, MS, and Apple operating systems as well as knowledge of various network environments and network administration
  • Knowledge…

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