How To Analyze Call Data Records In Oxygen Forensic Detective

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Hi, this is Amanda Mangan with Oxygen Forensics. In this video, we’re going to go over Oxygen Forensics’ Call Data Expert.

The first thing we’ll discuss is, what exactly is a CDR? A CDR is a call data record, and we’ll talk about the different carriers and the different information that may come with each carrier’s CDR.

Next we’re going to talk about templates. You’ll find that once you’ve collected a few different carriers’ CDRs, you have all of the templates that you’re going to need, and they’ll be there in your storage to access at any point.

So here we will form our own templates. Then we’re going to go over unique callers. Here, Call Data Expert will graph the contacts inside of the CDR for you. And one of the more important features will be the Mapping feature. Here’s where you want your CDR to come to life…

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