Philadelphia: Forensics Lab Manger/Senior Examiner

Legal Tech Job Board

Forensic Consulting Group seeks seasoned Senior Digital
Forensics Examiner to manage an established lab. This is a great opportunity to join a growing
global organization providing a full suite of forensics consulting, information
governance, eDiscovery and other legal services to law firms and corporations
around the world


  • Oversee
    entire lab caseload while acting as an expert consultant to clients
  • Manage
    multiple projects from onset to conclusion, scoping, workflow management,
    perform forensically sound collections, execute data handoffs team to members
  • Provide
    testimony (depositions) regarding managed projects and collections
  • Generate
    high quality reports on findings as needed
  • Manage
    evidence documentation and chain-of-custody
  • Maintain
    high quality project notes and documentation
  • Set
    project pricing and coordinate monthly billing
  • Candidates
    may expect work-related travel requirements and a varying work schedule
  • Run
    day to day operations in lab, ensure proper equipment and adequate staff are in
    place at all times
  • Delegate
    responsibilities to appropriate team…

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