How To Save Time With XAMN’s Dynamic Artifact Count Feature

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At MSAB, we’re always looking to improve our software and make every product more user-friendly, intuitive, and valuable; and to help save you time.

We’ve recently improved the way that XAMN displays and counts artifacts. Let’s take a look at the new functionality.

We’ve opened this case in XAMN, and from the start we can get a lot of information from just looking at the filter pane on the left. The numbers next to each category tell how many artifacts have been extracted for each of them.

If we press the arrow to open the ‘Messages’ subitem, we can see more numbers next to each subcategory. Let’s see what happens when we add a filter.

For example, I’m only interested in artifacts from last week, so I click on ‘Last week’ in the ‘Time’ filter. Notice that the artifact count changes based on the added filter.

The new dynamic artifact…

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