Walkthrough: Talon Ultimate From Logicube

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Welcome to Logicube’s tutorial on the Talon Ultimate. Featuring Logicube’s advanced technology, the Talon Ultimate provides high-performance forensic imaging at a price point that fits budget-constrained organisations without sacrificing state-of-the-art features and benefits.

The Talon Ultimate achieves speeds of up to 40GB / minute. The solution images and verifies concurrently to reduce the overall processing time. Image from a single source drive or a network repository to up to four destination drives simultaneously. A gigabit Ethernet port allows you to image to or from a network repository.

Software options available for Talon Ultimate include the Multi-Task option, to activate the second SATA source port and provide the ability to image from multiple source drives simultaneously. The SAS option activates support for SAS drives on the source and destination SATA ports.

The Logical Imaging option allows the investigator to acquire only the specific files needed. This option allows you to view…

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