Employee Turnover And Computer Forensic Analysis Best Practices

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by Larry Lieb

Organizations historically have struggled with addressing terminated employees’ important evidence sources such as company-issued laptops, oftentimes materially affecting the organization’s ability to deal effectively with disputes that arise after an employee leaves the company.

This article will provide a documented, transparent, and repeatable process with actual tools to identify and correctly preserve key evidence. There is also a SlideShare which runs through some of the best practices, along with case studies; and at the end of the article you can find some highly useful handout record request samples.

1. How To Create A Legal Hold External USB Drive To Hold Forensic Images

Preparation of the “Target” Drive to hold the forensic image

Before beginning the forensic imaging process, please prepare a Bitlocker encrypted external USB drive which will be used to hold the forensic image; this external USB drive will be known as the “Target” drive, to…

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