Tips From An eDiscovery Road Warrior

Linking New Customers To Your Business

ediscovery-legal-tech-legal-technology-discovery-300x225.jpgI’m writing this on the last day in October when I’ve successfully wrapped a month-long, five-city marathon of eDiscovery speaking, judging, interviewing and yes, even some dancing. It’s been a long month, and I’ll be happy to trick-or-treat with my kids tonight and know I don’t have to get back on a plane for a couple of weeks.

Along the way, I’ve met many more of you — thank you for saying hi and telling me you read this column — and I’ve gotten to hear your stories. And I learned A LOT.  Here are some random notes from the road. And just a tip, if the story sounds like you, it probably is you. Don’t worry — I left your name out.

You are innovating the hell out of legal technology and I LOVE it. Before starting off on my October travels, I had the opportunity to judge the…

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