Fighting Crime With Data: Law Enforcement In The 21st Century

Forensic Focus - Articles

by Paul Hamrick, Nuix

Executive Summary

Law enforcement investigations have long been influenced by developments in technology; after all, new technologies create new ways for criminals to profit and new sources of evidence. Law enforcement needs to keep up with the times, dealing with technological developments in areas like firearms, automobiles or more recently, digital communications.

Over recent years, many cases have been solved after analysing electronic evidence from suspects’ devices. The wealth of information people create merely by using everyday technologies is a treasure trove for investigators to determine when a crime occurred, where it happened, who was present and any number of other connections to real people and their actions.

Investigators, however, are constantly racing to keep up as new technologies emerge, which seems to happen every day. Modern tools and techniques are well-suited to the evolving nature of electronic evidence, powering efficient investigations today and helping law…

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