Is ESI Production Rigged Against Plaintiffs In Mass Tort Cases? One Expert Thinks So

Techno Gumbo

The eDiscovery Daily Blog has been running  a series I wrote on the challenges facing Plaintiff’s counsel in the eDiscovery arena.  The most recent chapter was posted this morning on their site here and starts with a quote from Bob Eisenberg talking about forms of production.

Bob is well known in the eDiscovery community. He is the Director, eDiscovery & Information Governance at Larson Security LLC, Program Director at the Cleveland-Marshall College of Law’s (CMLaw) eDiscovery Professional Certificate Program and eDiscovery Counsel at Marc J. Bern & Partners LLP in New York City.  

Bob has strong feelings about dealing with productions from the Defense side and feels that in many cases, especially those in the field of Mass Torts,  the litigation game is rigged against the Plaintiffs. Here’s his full exposition of that position which I think you will find interesting.

In mass tort litigation the eDiscovery playing field is tilted in favor of the…

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