Discovery messages for participants and for investigators in an alleged murder plot

eDisclosure Information Project

I had no sooner finished reading Craig Ball’s article Mobile to the Mainstream (I wrote about that here), when the Times published the report [£] of the trial of participants in an alleged murder attempt last year. The trial continues, so read everything below as if the word “alleged” recurs throughout.

The reported facts seem peculiar enough. Mrs Weatherall, her lover Mr Pollard, and Pollard’s daughter Heather (“who calls herself Arthur”), plot to kill Mr Weatherall, but he survives when a bullet passed through his right cheek and out through the other side of his face.

Texts were exchanged. Mrs Weatherall sent Mr Pollard a message saying “They didn’t do a very good job did they? He’s still here.” A few days earlier, the daughter had texted her father saying “Not sure I can get through all brambles, will try another route but maybe think of another option.”. She…

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