Opinion: Is ISO17025 The Right Standard For Digital Forensics?

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by Rich2005

Standardisation is currently the subject of animated discussion among digital forensic examiners worldwide. In this opinion piece, Rich2005 looks at the challenges of the ISO17025 standard for digital forensics and why it might not be the best choice for the field. Please note that the views contained within this article are the opinions of its author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Forensic Focus.

In my opinion ISO17025 is a dangerous standard. It gives the illusion of accuracy and reliability, whilst in the real world it may actually lead to poorer results via static process-following, bulk-evidence production, and the assumption of reliable results at the expense of properly considering the complexities of individual cases.

You only have to read the changelogs for all the main forensics tools, which come out daily/weekly/monthly, and will have passed someone’s ISO testing, to know that they were never as reliable…

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