Electromagnetic Side-Channel A‚ttacks: Potential For Progressing Hindered Digital Forensic Analysis

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by Asanka Sayakkara, Nhien-An Le-Khac & Mark Scanlon


Digital forensics is a fast-growing €field involving the discovery and analysis of digital evidence acquired from electronic devices to assist investigations for law enforcement. Traditional digital forensic investigative approaches are o‰ften hampered by the data contained on these devices being encrypted. Furthermore, the increasing use of IoT devices with limited standardisation makes it difficult to analyse them with traditional techniques. ŒThis paper argues that electromagnetic side-channel analysis has signi€ficant potential to progress investigations obstructed by data encryption. Several potential avenues towards this goal are discussed.

1 Introduction

ŒThe increasing consumer reliance on electronic devices has risen to a level where it is easier for aŠttackers to compromise the privacy and security of an individual’s digital information than by any other means. Private information is stored in a wide variety of digital platforms including mobile phones, personal computers, social media pro€files, cloud storage, etc. [28]…

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