The Small Case Dilemma: EDiscovery for the Rest of Us

Techno Gumbo

Craig Ball and I are speaking on this topic today at the Georgetown Law EDiscovery Training Academy.  If you missed the Webcast called eDiscovery for the Rest of Us thaI did with Doug Austin of Cloud 9 on Wed May 30, 2018 you can see a recording at

During the webinar, Doug mentioned my four part blog post series that Cloud 9 published on their blog in the past couple of weeks.  You can click on the links above for each individual post or scroll down below where I’ve compiled all four posts together for your reading pleasure!

PART 1:  May 15, 2018 

eDiscovery: The Early Years

The first formalized changes to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure were made in December of 2006 as the culmination of a period of debate and review that started in March 2000. Prior to the codified changes…

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