Using Technology To Get Results: Think Outside The Silo

Forensic Focus - Articles

by Johann Hofmann, Griffeye

In an article series of three, published in the Interpol Newsletter, Griffeye explores the possibilities of technology in digital media investigations. In this second article, Johann Hofmann, Director & Head of Griffeye, talks about the limitations for investigators working in silos.

We explore what happens if investigators can’t access, use or share critical information because they are limited by their tools and systems. How can they get out of their silo to get better and quicker case results?

What are silos and how do they trap investigators?

Working in silos is a well-recognized problem within many businesses, organizations and information systems. These silos end up isolating people and projects, negatively affecting workflow and the chance of success. Our experience at Griffeye is that silos are also one of the main obstacles for law enforcement investigators and their teams as they look to share the workload, information and…

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