The Key Players and Play of an e-Discovery Team in a Complex AI-Enhanced Document Review Project

e-Discovery Team ®

The gears in this diagram show the mechanics of a complex document review project circa 2018. The role I play in such projects, and other search specialists like me, is that of the AI Trainer (the dark blue gear with my picture in it).

AI Trainers Need Only Look at Metadata

As you can see from the diagram, in the role of AI Trainer I do not actually look at any documents myself, just the ESI metadata, such as number of documents with certain keywords or documents that already have relevance classifications. The metadata is all the information that I need in order to search, make machine training selection decisions and select documents for reviewers to actually look at and classify (multimodal review). These are steps four, five and six of my open-sourced eight-step process for document review using predictive coding. (Classes 10-16 of the This new Key…

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