Office 365 – Architecture choices for your App development

SharePains by Microsoft MVP Pieter Veenstra

I absolutely love the speed at which Microsoft releases new pieces of functionality in Office 365. But I’m struggling to keep up with “What is my best option?”. Take as an example the App model(s).

Just to name a few of the bleeding edge options to implement a new application:

  • SharePoint provider hosted Apps
  • Microsoft Teams Apps
  • SPFx
  • PowerApps

All of the above could be considered as modern ways to implement solutions. All of these options can result in very usable applications for my customers.

But which one do I pick?

SharePoint provider hosted Apps

This option has been around for a while and this will give the end user an application that doesn’t feel like SharePoint. I know that developers could develop the SharePoint look and feel around the app, but why would you want to do that if it doesn’t add anything. But having said that a lot…

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