Hacker Way: Focus on Impact, Be Fast, Be Bold (New Videos Added to the 1st Class of the TAR Course)

e-Discovery Team ®

The three videos in this blog on the Hacker Way are also included in the First Class of the TAR Course.

The Hacker Way – often called the hacker ethic – has nothing to do with politics or criminal activities. It is the philosophy of the computer age. This credo has influenced many in the tech world, including the great Steve Jobs and Steve’s hacker friend, Steve Wozniak, the laughing Yoda of the Hacker Way. The Hacker approach is primarily known to software developers, but can apply to all kinds of work. Even a few lawyers know about the hacker work ethic and have been influenced by it.

The Hacker Way philosophy was described well by Mark Zuckerberg in his letter to investors for the initial public offering of Facebook:

The word `hacker’ has an unfairly negative connotation from being portrayed in the media as people who break…

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