An Introduction To Challenges In Digital Forensics

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by W.Chirath De Alwis

Digital forensics is a technique in the identification of computer based crimes. But digital forensics faces a few major challenges when it comes to conducting investigations.

According to Fahdi, Clarke & Furnell (2013), th challenges of digital forensics can be categorized into three parts.

  • Technical challenges – e.g. differing media formats, encryption, steganography, anti-forensics, live acquisition and analysis.
  • Legal challenges – e.g. jurisdictional issues, privacy issues and a lack of standardized international legislation.
  • Resource challenges – e.g. volume of data, time taken to acquire and analyze forensic media.

Technical Challenges

With the vast development of the computer technologies within the last decade, usage of technology has been defined as both good and bad. While some people use technology to invent things to benefit mankind, criminals also use technology to achieve their own targets. One of the main problems is that as soon as a technology is…

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