The Doors Are Thrown Open to all 85-Classes of the e-Discovery Team Training Program

e-Discovery Team ®

I have decided to waive all tuition charges to attend my online training program. It is now entirely free. You are not even required to register. Call it a senior moment if you will, but it just seemed like the right thing to do.

This online e-discovery training program started at the University of Florida’s College of Law in 2010. Online e-Discovery Instruction in Law School Is Now a Reality, After two years of teaching the program online for U.F., I modified it somewhat and started a program available to anyone, not just U.F. law students. I called it e-Discovery Team Training. I charged a modest fee to cover overhead, $500, plus another $500 if a student wanted to be tested. Effective today, all tuition fees to attend all classes are waived. Testing has been discontinued. I will instead spend my time keeping the content of the course current.

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