Cyber Law School in e-Discovery is Now Open!

e-Discovery Team ®

Law School Quality Training for Everyone, Everywhere, Anytime.

The e-Discovery Team Online Electronic Discovery Law training program is now open. Click Here for the full story and to enroll. No payment required, just registration.

Already an expert in e-discovery law? Then tell your friends, colleagues, and clients about the program.

Study at you own time, your own place, your own pace. You take this basic level law course whenever you want, for as long as you want.

Who can attend? We admit everyone, anywhere in the world: lawyers, judges, law professors, law students, graduate students in all fields, paralegals, engineers, lit-support experts, records managers, project managers, information technologists and scientists, vendors, and e-discovery professionals or would be professionals of all kinds.

In addition to providing the right information at the right place – cyberspace – the course includes creative study exercises, interaction with experts, testing, and we will certify…

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