How the blockchain revolution could transform financial services

AgeWage: Making your money work as hard as you do

The technology likely to have a significant impact on the financial services industry and the world of business has arrived. Not peer-to-peer lending, artificial intelligence, big data, robo-advisers or Apple Pay – but rather blockchain, the technology behind digital currencies such as bitcoin. Blockchain technology represents nothing less than the second generation of the Internet and will spark a series of profound changes to virtually every corporation and institution in the world, from banks to insurers, manufacturers and retailers, even governments.

Because the first generation of the Internet was built for moving and storing information, not value, it has done little to change how we do business or access financial services. When you send someone information, such as an email, you’re really sending a copy, not the original. When it comes to most forms of information, that’s sufficient. In fact, it’s one of the biggest advantages of the internet –…

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