5 Tips That Will Make eDiscovery Data Mapping Smoother

Michael D. Turashoff

In the legal system, when the attorneys for both sides prepare for the litigation by exchanging each side’s information, the process is called discovery. The exchanging of discoverable digital information, or “electronically stored information” (ESI), introduced the term “e-discovery”.


All of this digital information is stored on a large variety of different devices including databases, network servers, computer systems, disks, drives, computers and handheld devices to name a few. Considering the massive amount of information collected and stored by companies today, the location and organization of all this data can a daunting task. However, when all of this information is collected and organized into a data map it becomes much easier to have an idea of what data is available and where to find it.


E-discovery data map

One of the most effective ways to organize all of a company’s data and make it all available for e-discovery…

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