A Wickedly Entertaining Public Service Announcement for Paralegals

The Paralegal Society™

We’re here today with a very important public service announcement for all of the incredibly ambitious paralegal souls working within the legal sector. We are about to show you a sanity-saving maneuver that could one day save your life. It’s that serious.

To set the scene – imagine it is 5:29 p.m. during a typical work day in the office for the paralegal featured in the video below.

Is that an attorney’s footsteps she hears?

Watch this short, 6 second video:


Got that? Stop, listen, and drop it low, paralegals. Stilettos and all.

If you feel method one shown above is a bit too dramatic, well, feel free to scale it down a notch and utilize the equally effective maneuver set forth in video number two below.

Video number two:

You got that one? It’s stop, slither, slide, and land.

I am laughing hysterically over here.

How about you? (Don’t…

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