“Did I Calendar That Deadline Right?”

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Back to Basics – The Calendaring Rules
By: Daphne Drescher, CP

What is the one thing that keeps many a paralegal lying awake at night, gripped in a state of sheer paranoia and absolute panic, playing that fun, little game best titled as “memory reconnaissance?” The fear of miscalendaring an important deadline – that’s what. The fear of missing a statute of limitations – yes, indeed. The things that could possibly get one’s supervising attorney sued for legal malpractice tend to have a way of reserving one a seat among the sanity depleted, my friends. Today, Daphne is stopping by TPS to share some great calendaring tips with the rest of us. Take a big sip of that beverage sitting desk-side and keep reading!

Reprinted with permission from Proparalegal: http://www.proparalegal.com 

Calendaring is an essential task in any law firm. No matter what practice area we work in, there are dates…

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