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LendingMemo LendingMemo 4 Tips for General Counsel That Could Save Your Job
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Paul Mandell, Corporate Counsel
Today’s general counsel spend quite a bit of time on cases of involuntary termination. And as Sue Reisinger’s recent article on GC terminations at Wellpoint Inc. and Pfizer Inc. (“GCs Being Shown the Door With Little Warning”) highlighted, they occasionally find themselves on the receiving end of the pink slip. Unfortunately, given the heightened level of regulatory risk and economic pressure with which today’s large legal departments are faced, and the trend of increasing GC turnover captured by the latest BTI Benchmarking Corporate Counsel Management Strategies survey, we probably have not seen the last of high-profile general counsel terminations this year.
Below are four strategies to help general counsel keep themselves off the chopping block as they navigate an increasingly fraught global marketplace.
1. Collaborate Proactively with Other Departments (read the…

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