Digital “Off-the-Record” Conversations?

Employment Law

Employers and business professionals are no strangers to “off-the-record” conversations and closed-door meetings. In today’s world, though, many long for a way to converse online without a permanent record of the conversation existing somewhere out there in Internet-land. New apps have responded to this need; think Snapchat (the popular app that allows users to set a predetermined time for how long recipients can view their photos) for text messaging. TigerText, Wickr, and Confide are just some of the self-destructing text apps that have recently emerged. Businesses, however, should proceed with caution when using these – they could not only present an air of impropriety but also be a legal hazard.

The apps work by allowing a sender to set a time for the message to “live” after the receiver opens it. TigerText, for example, allows a message to live for a minimum of sixty seconds up to thirty days. Both…

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