Measuring the Foreseeable With Legal Project Management and Budgeting.

LDO Buzz The benefits of legal project management and advance budgeting
Careful advance planning and forward thinking is a major portion of the solution for major corporate deals and litigation

Samuel Goldblatt, InsideCounsel
Previously, we discussed the ways in which major corporate deals and litigation, contrary to some people’s assumptions, are actually amenable to the techniques of legal project management (LPM) and to advance budgeting and planning. One key reason for this, of course, is the existence of a set of task and phase codes that can be applied by a law firm or a corporation to nearly any matter, no matter how complex. These can be based on the American Bar Association’s Uniform Task-Based Management System (UTBMS) codes, or they can be developed on a custom basis by a company along with its outside counsel. Once such a project is implemented, any firm can develop a reasonable data set for…

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