“Tips for Acing an Informational Interview”

The Paralegal Society™

By: Taye Akinola, CRP

Greetings, TPS Nation! We hope today’s post finds you high on sanity, low on stress, with an absolutely ample serving of caffeinated happiness sitting desk-side. Taye is here to share some simple tips to keep in mind when conducting your next informational interview. What is an informational interview? Well, according to Wikipedia: “An informational interviewis a meeting in which a job seeker asks for career and industry advice rather than employment. The job seeker uses the interview to gather information on the field, and to find employment leads and expand their professional network. This differs from a job interview because the job seeker asks the questions.”  There’s your definition – here’s your article.

Spend a few moments online and you will discover a variety of articles and blog posts explaining what an informational interview is and what one can hope to gain from it.  As Jamie stated above, the main…

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