Corporate trend to boutique and highly specialized law firms; could same trend be true for forensic and eDiscovery service providers?

deweyHarvard Business Review recently reported that corporate preferences might be shifting in the direction of highly specialized boutique-styled law firms. This would essentially be characterized by major enterprises saying “goodbye” to massive law firms that employ hundreds of thousands of attorneys in hundreds of nations and even on the moon.

The news provider referred to these entities as “Pedigreed Firms” or “white shoe firms” which seem to be falling out of favor among corporations’ general counsel. One study from General Counsel actually revealed nearly three-quarters of these in-house professionals would prefer boutique-style firms for certain occasions and projects, the source noted.

This is a trend that has been intensifying in virtually every sector, as specialized units that are as agile as they are unique are gobbling up market shares because of a shift in preference. According to Harvard Business Review, some would argue that the current and forecast future of…

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