Facebook Friends & Workplace Enemies

A must read, especially if you are seeking a new position and actively interviewing

Employment Law

Inappropriate Facebook posts, pictures and the like have led to many firings in recent years. A large number of employees have become smarter on social media and made a concerted effort to not “friend” a manager or boss. They think that they are keeping their online persona and work reputation separate…but is that really possible when dealing with the Internet?

It is not uncommon for an employer to be completely oblivious to an employee’s inappropriate online actions until presented with the evidence from a Facebook “friend” and coworker of the subject employee. If the employer chooses to take adverse employment action against the subject employee, the coworker’s evidence can be crucial in defending against a discrimination lawsuit.

Nonetheless, employers should think twice before they solicit coworkers to disclose the postings of another employee because of the Federal Stored Communications Act (“SCA”). The SCA prohibits intentionally accessing without authorization a facility…

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