Bringing the right tools and methods to the eDiscovery madness

eDisclosure Information Project

There are, we know, still many lawyers using some rather basic tools to undertake eDiscovery exercises. Adam Rubinger of NightOwl Discovery, in an article called A Method to the Madness tells of organisations using spreadsheets and emails to collect and search the raw data of eDiscovery / eDisclosure. Go ahead; make my day, as their opponents will perhaps be saying as they stand by to bring applications or motions to compel proper disclosure / discovery.

I was told recently of an English law firm who was proposing to make searches in Outlook, and to record the results in Excel or Word lists for what sounded like a fairly substantial case in which disclosure was critical. The other side was intending to use a combination of Nuix and Relativity with the aid of an external services provider. The start-up costs of the latter approach will probably not be trivial, but…

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