What have the futurists ever done for us?

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The agenda for ILTA INSIGHT in London on 14 November includes a full programme designed to appeal to legal practitioners in every area of practice. There is also a speech by legal and business futurist Rohit Talwar. What can we learn from those who predict the future developments in legal practice?

Those for whom my title means nothing may care to search Youtube for the phrase in my title, substituting “Romans” for “futurists”.

One of the speakers at the excellent ILTA 2013 in Las Vegas was legal futurist Rohit Talwar. Such people provoke strong reactions, ranging from the complete conviction that law firms and legal departments must learn to adapt to change, via “some of it was quite mad, you know” (as somebody put it to me), and on to outright scorn for such predictions and for the people who make them.

I touched on this in a long…

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