Working on WorkFlex: 6 Things to Start, Stop, Continue

Carlos Escobar


It’s pretty much been established that a flexible work environment is a good thing. But how do we go about making it happen? Here are 6 things to START, STOP and CONTINUE on your journey to a flexible work environment:

START having the Conversation

As valuable as flexible work environments are, there is still a lot of effort that needs to be put in to making the case for making the transition. In many organizations this transition can represent a huge leap of faith.

If you face an uphill climb at your organization, it’s important to start slow. But even more so, it’s important to start NOW.

START Clarifying Expectations

A common argument against flexible work environments is that productivity will suffer, or that people will be less accountable than when physically in the office. To counter this, begin clarifying work expectations for employees when they are in the…

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