Information Management: The Foundation of the Electronic Discovery Reference Model

Wisdom from The Records Guru®

It is commonly lamented among Records Managers and other Information Governance professionals that the only time a business takes them seriously is when something happens and somebody comes looking for something:  A file to be found,  a proposal is needed, a disaster occurs or, the big one, a lawsuit has been filed against it.  Now THAT gets everyone’s attention! In “The Good Old Days” the most common method of dealing with such an event was to heap stacks of boxes of files and information in the opposing Council’s office wishing them well in their search (normally chuckling as you left).

Unfortunately the last laugh in many cases such as these were from the opposing Council because they became quite adept at sifting through all that information and discovered much more than what the plaintiff had intended. With the addition of electronic data, the job became increasingly more precarious and the…

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