The Importance of Witness Interviews: ‘What Happens in Vegas Shouldn’t Stay in Vegas’

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A discovery order in Vegas shows the importance of witness interviews and what can happen when you take a cavalier attitude towards preservation. Small v. University Medical Center,  Case No. 2:13-cv-0298-APG-PAL (D.C. Nev., 9/9/18) (FLSA class action seeking unpaid wages for skipped meal breaks). The lengthy order is entitled Report…

A Little Craig Ball, A Little Forensic Examination Protocol, A Little Legal Innovation, A Really Big Microphone. That’s Why We Call It TechnoGumbo.

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In the most recent eDiscovery Channel interview, Tom O’Connor asks Craig Ball about his new Forensic Examination Protocol. Then he adds some lagniappe with a short discussion about Ron Friedmann’s article Legal Innovation Takes More than Talk. All right here on the eDiscovery Channel on YouTube.

Click fraud: a bane of contention in the digital ad ecosystem

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An influx of emerging technologies such as analytics, automation and artificial intelligence (including chatbots) has altered advertisers’ strategy. Digital mediums have surpassed traditional ones, forming a significant chunk of advertising budgets. As per an EY report, Reimaging India’s M&E sector, advertisers in India have…